I remember the confusion that i felt when i first saw the trailer. part of me does not want this movie to happen as i have enjoyed every episode of Avatar : the Last Airbender. i felt that one movie (or two) cannot give enough justice to the entire story.

but i came to terms with myself and opted to watch it, day one, hour one, upon its release in the country. i remembered waking up earlier (than usual) and lining up at festival mall to get a hold of the first screening for the day.

as i sat there, i was expecting a lot. i still felt uneasy with the idea, yet did not complain anymore since i was there, seating with my popcorn and soda at hand.

the movie started — then it ended!

nothing exciting. there were a lot of inconsistencies. i was not happy. (as i stated earlier) i though that one movie wont give justice to the whole movie… i was dead right!

it was boring, and i felt it could have been given a more proper treatment (epic base – failed adaptation). the acting was lame, and i kinda felt that there was not enough budget for this. that notion made me feel that they were aiming to do something substandard from the very beginning.


PHP-FACine – This guy’s in love with you Mare! – Wenn V. Deramas – 2012

so it was my mom’s birthday (and yes, this is me being defensive) and she wanted to watch Vice Ganda’s latest movie.

PHP FACINE class gave me (and my classmates) an assignment to review the last film that we watched.

so this review is about “This Guy’s in Love with you Mare” 


i never am a fan of filipino films. i have always found (generalization) main stream filipino films to have the same stories, scenarios, dilemmas and endings. yet they have this humor that you don’t really encounter on international films.

this film that did not veer away from the common issues in the filipino setting, was funny enough to cover the lack of depth in the story. yet, in the end, the goal (i guess) of the movie was to deliver humor in such a way, filipinos would laugh their ass off.

i would lie if i said that i did not laugh at the scenes, and happenings shown in the movie. the actors were hilarious and portrayed the roles in ways filipinos could actually relate to, while this movie was supposed to be a comedy, there were drama moments (and i think Tony pulled it off awesomely) to add diversity to the movie.

frankly, i did not expect a hard core story from the movie (making it acceptable as i have no expectations!)

Script was ok. the usual gay deliveries of the lines made it more funny to hear, the condescending tones and delivery of lines added humor to the already funny dialogues. there were also instances wherein they grabbed a couple of lines from other movies (filipino) and made it applicable to the scenario.

What is cinema to you: it is a visual representation of something i would want to be, have and live. (i think this is the reason why i dont like filipino films – cause i already am one (filipino), and the life that i live is usually portrayed in main stream filipino films. but with that argument, that maybe the reason why i love watching fantasy themed and superhero type of films, because it creates a visual image of the life that i could never have, or world that i could never live in)

My Superhero Complex

I recently understood and figured out why i love reading comics by Marvel and DC (and its not because of the awesome art, and witty humor!). it is something deeper than the ability to shoot optic blasts from eyes, or have super strength. it is the mentality of superheroes to be a savior to be an international epal when friends clash, or when issues arise. we are firefighters! and i like putting out fires even if it means getting burned myself.


i have noticed that i have made enemies because i chose to protect and side with what i think is right. being misunderstood also comes with the package, and oftentimes i am misunderstood for my actions. but at the end of the day, i know i did right. and i know that despite all the hate, i can still go on protecting those who means a lot to me and those who would also risk their hides when i am in a pickle!

their story is also the story of my life (without webs, no x-genes, no alien gifts of strength), just the “epal” and saving part. and the times when you are considered the bad guy when all you want to do is be there for the people you love! pfft. superheroes!

Imageoh yeah, and those born under 1987 are considered to be superheroes (accdg to this chart found in Facebook) . this can’t be coincidence after all! hahaha

Amazing Spiderman is beyond Awesome!


Let me start this entry by saying “I LOVED the movie!”. It is more attuned with the universe that was created for spiderman by Marvel, and more awesome compared to the last spiderman movies.

why did i love this movie? cause its amazing!


1. Alignment to the Marvel Universe. – the reboot has actually made it possible to tie up with the other marvel superheroes in film. spiderman is a resident avenger, and now, i see the possibilty of him becoming part of the Avengers movie. ohh and the web shooters, i remembered having to tell someone in the cinema that ever since, spiderman never releases webs from his person, he created his webs based on the formula he got from his dad. (although in the movie, the web was from oscorp). geek that way! basag trip pa


2. Gwen Stacey– non comic book readers always believed that MJ (Mary Jane Watson) is the only love interest of our web slinging hero. but as far as i got from the comics, spidey is still attached and in love with his first love interest (second actually, following Betty Brant in the comics) . by putting her here, the universe may have dictated what would be the focus of the next Amazing Spiderman movie will be on. plus Emma stone nailed it!! (i can still feel the “kilig” that both of them portrayed in the hallway after the flash incident!)



3. Andrew Garfield – i truly believed that he was born to be peter parker. his quips, his facial expression gave life to peter parker! unlike tobey, who i found to be serious as parker, garfield showed us that despite the responsibility, peter is still a teenager and would still be feeli what teenagers feel like. his kilig moments in the hallway, the delivery of jokes when he is masked as spiderman made me feel that the hero that i am reading in the comics has come to life.

some issues i had, despite the awesomeness (very petty)

1. Aunt May in the end looks like she already understood why peter kept coming home bruised, It’s as if she knows that peter is spiderman. (was this the message intended?). but how she was portrayed was something i also did not want, because aunt may will always be that firm yet kind white haired lady that is oblivious to the fact that her nephew is a web slinging hero!

2. I did not like the lizard as the antagonist. i dont think he should have been the opening opponent for this hero franchise.

3. How flash mellowed when uncle ben died, the comics made flash as a repetitive annoyance to peter.

4. How the daily bugle was not mentioned, or how j.j. jameson was not introduced.

But overall, this movie gave a more fun and exciting version of spiderman, and i do think that this reboot is necessary. marvel is tightly putting together all solo movies and would probably put all these superheroes into one giant movie or an avengers follow-up.

gonna watch this 7 times, like i did Avengers!!

The Amazing Spiderman is beyond Awesome!

The Adventure Run – the Muddy Trail

I have never been the active lifestyle kind of guy, up until i joined team Spyder two weeks ago (yes, i no longer am a bum!). part of my work in Spyder is to accompany the team in events created by us, or to those we sponsor.

last saturday, our team, joined the annual Merrel Adventure Run at Timberland Heights in rizal.

It WAS FANTASTIC!!! never have i done anything similar to what i experienced at MERREL! muddy trails, slippery slopes, all four crawls on mud pools, getting cuts from thorny vines, and having fun in the sun with awesome friends!

the marathon started at 5:30. our team arrived 30 minutes prior to the gun- particularly punctual, but in events parlance – we kinda were late! (because we have to set up our awesome tent before we run!)

the Awesomest tent ever!

after setting up the tent and Spyder HQ, we changed into our running gear, and opted to have some photo opportunities to forever etch this memory in our minds and in our hard disks. all of us were eager to run this trail.

Team Spyder prior the run! (notice how clean and white we all are)

2 minutes before the 5k gun! photo ops were the reason why we all were late at the start of the run

experiencing this run made me want to further pursue my longing to be active in running. hoping for more runs with my team! Good job Guys! Good Job Team Spyder!!

Aris, Cheng, Richard and Myself (excluded si ate, kasi di namin siya kilala!)

     (Aris, Cheng and myself before the carabao obstacle!)

do you see the hesitation???

the carabao trail

Team Spyder at the Finish Line

we survived 5k! good job Team Spyder

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Follow our Twitter: @teamspyder

photo credits: Spyder Philippines

Agantea and Me

The Philippines has undergone a rapid TEA hype since late last year. tea shops have been sprouting like crazy, and people have been craving for tea more today rather than the usual coffee and fraps (except for a few friends, who relies on coffee like its air! (ahem, rona and matthew)

i have loved tea ever since i was in oman. (coffee makes me fall asleep! yeahh i am weird that way). that is why i take my tea seriously. but i never had cold tea before 2011 , (except for iced tea i guess)

one of my favorite shops in manila is A-gantea, which is located inside Qoola at Greenbelt 2.

why? what sets A-gantea apart from other tea shops?

1. the Teas are delish! and really refreshing

have you ever felt so haggard after a days work? or after studying for hours? or even a simple commute? i do! all the time! i sweat like crazy when exposed to the sun or to the humid air that is currently our country.

A-gantea has been my refuge ever since summer hit the country. my friends know that ill be spotted here if i tell them that i will be in greenbelt. the teas are exciting to drink ( i cant find the right adjective to describe it, its a feeling beyond satisfied and happy!)

3 of my most ordered teas. in order of quantity ordered. hahaha

1. Wintermelon Tea


the big chunk of jelly floating with the tea makes it rather exciting to drink. i have been ordering this more (probably because of the intense heat) (costs 75P and 85P)

2. Pear Fruit Tea


Tea (yum!), Pear (yumm!) nuff said. (costs 100P and 110P)

3. QQ milk tea


the fantastic blend of Milk Tea, pineapple nata, and chewy black tapioca! (dudee! insane! a must try) (costs 75P and 85P)

2. The venue is really swell!

“is there wifi? that is the first question i ask the staff upon entering a coffee shop, tea shops and any other chill/dine areas. Qoola/Agantea has one of the fastest wifi my ipad and phone has experienced in all the shops i have been to in greenbelt. the ambiance and furniture makes it one of the most comfortable places that i have been to (swear, no stir!).

tip: make sure to come in early, as the shop usually fills in as darkness falls. it would be harder to secure seats for you and your barkada to further enjoy your drinks.

and not being abusive or anything (frugal). the staff would never make you feel that you are overstaying, which i usually do (did i mention the super kaduper fast wifi?)

and yeah! the staff are really friendly and accomodating! and they smile alot! (and did i mention how pretty they all are?) funnn people!


agantea also has a sister company called Qoola ( ill write about that soon! ) but hey, Cold, delicious teas partnered with a yogurt shop which gives you the option to include whatever you want and not be all that expensive. yeahhhh this really is the place to be during this very hot weather!

*** sooo. folks, if you havent done so, try Agantea today! its located right across Barcino and Itallianis (this is the landmark that i give my friends when they are looking for me in Gb!).

*** ohhh and they have an event this saturday! May 12, 6PM at the activity center! be sure to drop by and Wear Blue! (thats what they said!). see you there!

visit their site today: www.
like their FB page:
follow their twitter acct:

A-Gantea, your tea, your way, your style
Greenbelt 2 Park, Ayala Center Makati, Ph
Tel: (02)-751-3338






Road to 25! a Birthday special!

May 6, 2012 – Once again, that time of year is upon me. the time wherein the universe adds a +1 to my life. last year, and i stated this in my old blog, that wishes do come true. during my last birthday, my dad undergone an operation. i remember asking only for his safety as a birthday gift! thankfully, it was given but a lot more were added as bonuses. indeed, the universe is good.

my year has been like a rollercoaster ride, an exciting yet sometimes nauseating experience that i would like to repeat over and over again. and since i would want to treat this day as a day to look back. i would want to go over some of the highlights of my year. (this is practically my new year anyway)

1. got a job and matured (a lot)

although i have resigned from Achievers’ Circle, i have learned  a lot from that Company family that i know i can still hold on to even up to now. my Boss, Ed, made sure that i not only function as a member of the team but should improve as i grow with them. come on, manager at the age of 24! i gotta say that it was an honor and an achievement to be given that awesome responsibility. my colleagues have also taught me alot (being a newbie in the corporate arena), and for that i am entirely grateful. Thank you guys!

(welcoming guests to our blogger event! thank you axl for the shot!)

(with Patricia, Marika during our first ever event at Achievers’ Circle Inc)

2. be part of awesome communities

my work paved the road for me to get in touch with several communities that would not only hone my skills and talents Yeah, i have Talents!. but would also give me the chance to meet interesting people, learn their stories and be immersed in a world that is specific to what the community offers!

3. meet awesome people ( and strenghten bonds with existing friends!)

like i said in item 2. i met a lot of awesome people. and they have been significantly part of my year. i was scared that the new friends would over shadow the existing ones.(but i was wrong).

i am thankful that i met this individuals! my life would not be the same without them. there are way tooo many people , so ill just be highlighting those that have been there for me most of the time! hahaha

Franz Lopez, Justin Joyas and Jaypee David
although we dont commune as often as we did months ago, i still am thankful that i met you guys emo shit!. we have been in each others cases for as long as i can remember. impromptu cinema screening (remember the time when we kidnapped jaypee so that he could watch the “Three Musketeers” with us? fun times!), or our sudden travel escapades ( impromptu baguio trip, and the shoot even though the rain wont allow it. the matching rain coats, my stupid accidents [falling down the steps in the park!], you guys had made my year exciting and fun! ill see you guys soon!

(Me, Justin, Franz and Jaypee – Pampanga 2011)

(Jaypee, Me, Franz, and Justin – Tagaytay 2011)

(Jaypee, Justin, and Myself – Paris 2011)

(PS. i forgot to mention MAMITA NANCY LOPEZ! she has been another mother to the four of us, that i couldn’t even actually know how to thank her for everything that she has done for us! haha i blame her for my size today! haha thankk you MAMITA! bisita ako soon promise!)

Len David

i cant even decide on how to start thanking you for being part of my year. imagine meeting you for an event in subic then being best buddies today! you are one of the few girl friends that i have, and i know i will have forever! (ha! sorry Vince, kaagaw mo ako ako sakanya!). you do know i love you right? (of course you do! i always tell you that!)

(Me and Len – Birthday ni Mina (2011)

(Me and Len – helios Year end party (its as if i have no other clothes when i am with you len!)

 Me and Len – Helios Anniversary (2011)

Len and Myself (muntanga lang) – Helios Anniv (2011)

Mammeh Donna!
Ma, i miss you! you have been the most patient in terms of being a dumpsite of problems, issues and other stories. you have been the glue that kept our group together, and i couldnt imagine helios without you. in my book, you are helios! and i am thankful for that. (dapat part k n ng admin e. haha i rerecommend ko yan!). but aside from being the glue! you are a woman of many titles (i wont enumerate anymore! haha florist), but most importantly, you are our mother! the person we run to when we are in a pickle, or when we are lonely, troubled, hurt, and hungry (say whuut?). you are always there to defend us when needed! you are great! you are one awesome marshmallow! and i am happy that i am yourfavorite son! hahaha. go home mother! we need you here!! you know how i much i love you mammeh! i need my pizza!!!

Mammeh Donna and her Triplets (Mech, Io, and Me) (a Very Mammeh Birthday 2011)

My Arm and Mammeh Donna (we have very few pictures together mother!)

Keith, Me, Donna and Jaypee (Helios Anniv (2011)

Mech Serva
Jejemon friend! you are awesome! who would have thought that we would still be friends upto now? i shant reiterate whatever shit i tell you in this blog post. but rest assured, you are loved brother!!! now, download our series diligently! thanks mech! 🙂

Mech, Myself, and Mammeh (Random Lunch at Donna’s place 2011)

Me and Mech @ Soderno (Dec 2011)

my PHP clique  (ABBY, Rona, Edsel, Trish, Nica) + Dadaf  (kasi wala daw siyang favorites!)
although i did not meet you guys last year. i am always thankful that you are constantly present in my life. i know that i wont be cheesebreadboy if it wasnt for most of you! (our play wasss spectacular and our random meet ups never fail to put a smile on my face (hello soderno dinner – may 4, 2012). our sconversations (specifically at the dome, was something i needed badly! it just feels great to know that i can tell you guys anything!) i love you guys to death! Hello Labs (abby sanchez!).  you guys are AVENGERS!!!! and I LOVE YOU (yet again)

your resident handsomest cheesebread boy!

Abby, Me, Edsel, and Rona (Echo Party 2011)

Me, Rona, and Abby (the Dome Sconeversations 2012)

Nica, Trish, Edsel, Me, Rona, and Abby (PHP BALL 2012)

M Chang
Awesome is an understatement! here’s to tomorrow! hahahaha (you owe me a violin sonata! hahaha) and remember our deal for the next 6th! hahaha

and to those that i have not given special mentions (sorry)( my helios family, my blogger family, my php family), i am equally thankful for all of you. you have been an integral part of my growth as a person ( some, in mass and body weight) this year. i cant reiterate how grateful i am to have met all of you 😥 tear.

4. awesome family!

you are awesome! i will love you forever. if possible even beyond forever( this is so confusing, how can there be a beyond to something infinite? haha). and thank you for the lunch-meryenda na you concocted today! (and your gifts, which i will be claiming in a few minutes)

I love you three very much!

see how awesome AVENGERS My year has been? i learned what success and failure is. relearned and reinforced the meaning of  love, friendship, trust, and hope. and i just wish this continues for many years to come!

i am excited for my new year! i am 25! and i am happy! (although, Happy is an understatement, haha my personal violinist made sure that it is! hahaha)

heres to starting the year right!

(p.s. POST CAME IN A DAY EARLY! cant internet tomorrow e! or cant waste time blogging tomorrow! family quality time kasi e!)

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